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Our Centers of Excellence

We deliver our assignments to our customers through Centers of Excellence. We do not have software factories or Business units. We are driven by excellence in outcomes and hence our delivery units are called CoE's. It does not end here; this is where it begins. This is where Predictability and Excellence is engineered and delivered through the services we offer. The Centre of Excellence is designed to address many dimensions that drive excellence, they are :

  • Talent & Work environment:
    We select our people for each center of excellence carefully; we assess each candidate across areas like Talent (is there talent inherent, aligned to the job?), Knowledge (how much has been learnt from previous experience?) and skill (adeptness with tools?). We also ensure the person we select fits our culture and sees value in what our customers see us as.

  • Business and innovation:
    This group consisting of experts from the Industry constantly challenge themselves with brining out newer solutions and services that solve business problems. They interlock with the Business groups, to understand business and operational challenges, and devise a solution, which forms the first part of the solution - 'Definition', to complete the second part they transfer the definition to technology groups to build the solution - 'Build'.

  • Technology & innovation:
    This group consists of highly motivated Techies, who have a deep passion for developing software. They pick up the problem statement from the business group and brainstorm on how technology can be used in a simplistic manner to solve this problem. A neat elegant solution is the goal of this group. Once a blue print has been devised, we work relentlessly till we launch the system for our clients.

  • Processes and Methodologies:
    Each COE adopts its own processes and practices, like ISMS, 6 sigma, Lean manufacturing lessons for Toyota, innovation practices from the likes of 3M and Apple. Projects are executed in a structured manner, with project methodologies selected that suit the type of project and customer. Estimation of work and methodology to be used is jointly decided with the customer after weighing the unknowns and extent of research involved.