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Our Value to Customers

At Keystone, we firmly believe that technology must solve a business problem to be of value. The definition of the problem it solves is very important for us to engage on a project. The drivers, whether business of Technology must align with the goal of running a business i.e. to make money. Hence we ask and understand the answers to 3 cardinal questions.

  • How does the project increase throughput:
    All of our Industry specific solutions are aimed at how the user base can accommodate a larger audience thereby increasing the revenues to our customers e.g. our Mobility solutions are aimed at brining in a new community of users to the enterprise, which then leads to the need to reengineer other systems to accommodate the new rise in throughput.

  • How does the project reduce inventory costs:
    Here we look at the number of people working in a particular segment of the IT real estate (FTE), in relation to the throughput gained. We then look at a global delivery model where the same outcome can be enabled by more cost effective deployment of resources; this comes out our deep understanding of work break down structures and effective integration of work components.

  • How does the project reduce operating expense:
    We constantly look for options that can generate the same processing power at lower costs, we look at Virtualization, Cloud enablement, open source solutions, and in-house developed frameworks that bring down the operating cost of a service.