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Analytics, BI & Context Aware Computing

Keystone specializes in delivering 'Next Generation' Analytics, achieved by increasing the compute capabilities of devices that include Tablet PC, Servers, Desktops and mobile devices along with improving connectivity using advanced mobile & wireless technologies, enabling a shift in the manner in which businesses', support operational decisions. Our Analytics CoE has a mix of domain experts, statistical experts and Technologists, who make it possible to run simulations or models to predict the future outcome, rather than to simply provide backward looking data about past interactions We deliver predictions in real-time to support each individual business action. While this may require significant changes to existing operational and business intelligence infrastructure, the potential exists to unlock significant improvements in business results and other success rates. We make this latent potential a reality.

Our Mobile BI solutions focus on significantly expanding the population of BI users to include a more mainstream audience. Our CoE works closely with marketing departments and product management to create customer-facing mobile BI applications, and with the supply chain group for supplier applications. We recognize that users want to use mobile devices to access corporate BI data. Our solutions ensure that the current BI infrastructure supports these demands while we expand to the use of tablets to improve the BI experience of the mobile workforce.

By combining content analytics with dynamic case management, enterprises can increase their ability to service customer requests; automate and track inconsistent "incidents" that do not follow a well-defined process; respond to a higher number of consumer requests; meet new demands from regulators, auditors, and litigants; and increase the use of collaboration and social media to support unstructured business processes.
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