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  1. It's not a job, it's a mission: Keystone culture is often centered around the belief that the company is working on something important and our life depends on it. We are fiercely competitive and passionate about the technology and the value we bring to our customers. We simply want to be the best in the eyes of our customers.

  2. Equity-driven: Great start-up cultures create a sense that everyone on board is building something significant, an enterprise that will be valuable long-term. We are creating an enterprise, something that makes us proud of today and tomorrow.

  3. Perfect alignment: Our culture is well-aligned. The strategy makes sense and is aligned with the vision. People are given all that it takes, to enjoy doing what they are good at and in the right roles. Every one of us is on the same page.

  4. Mutual respect: @ Keystone, everyone shares a mutual respect for what each party brings to the table and celebrates wins from wherever they come. Heated but healthy debate leads to decisions that are accepted, even if not everybody agrees with them. Collaborate to build value and innovation.

  5. Customer-obsessed: @Keystone cultures are manically focused on defining who the customer is, what the customer wants/needs, and what the customer will value enough to pay for now. It starts well before a single line of code is written.

  6. High energy level: You can literally feel it when you walk into keystone. The room has energy. There's a buzz. Doors are open. Whiteboards are filled with hieroglyphics. People are getting stuff done. Meetings are short and to the point. You might trip over a dog or an overflowing dustbin or knock down a few tea cups. This is a charged Technical environment

  7. Fun: Keystone is fun. @ Keystone everyone reinforces that fun is happening, even if it isn't at that particular time. Employees tell their friends how much fun they are having.

  8. Integrity: @Keystone we maintain the highest integrity in the way they treat customers, handle employee issues, write code, and go about their daily business. We have integrity when it is easy and, more importantly, when it is hard. This kind of integrity should not be confused with lacking toughness. Integrity in this sense means having a team with enough confidence in what it is building, and then delivering to customers, that cheating in any form, or even just going halfway, is unacceptable.

  9. Knowledge and Learning: This is important for us, we need people with a passion to learn new technologies, ways of business to be an expert in their area of passion, every aspect is important to us, and each one of us here aims to be in the leadership quadrant with respect to his or her area of expertise.

  10. Experiment and invent: We foster the spirit of experimentation and innovation, ideas are respected and encouraged, to try out something new is welcome, and to translate it into value to our customers brings us immense satisfaction. Each one aims to self actualize here.

IF you identify with the these commandments above, then we request you please read on to see if your skill sets match, if they don't, we still request you to send in your cv, what's more important for us, is that you relate and appreciate our environment, and believe that it will bring out the best in you.

Work becomes fun, when you do, what you like, with people you like. Listed are the 10 rules we follow at Keystone. This is our Culture.

Send us your CV to careers@keystone-world.com.