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Engineering Predictability

Bringing in Predictability in Outcomes does not mean, stereotyping. It only means, that you get, over and over again, what you want, "the key element of your success", be it innovation, schedule, cost, or quality. The reason this is hard to get is because most companies are not made to deliver 'predictability'.

Brining in this predictability comes out of a carefully engineered process; It is perhaps the most important thing that's being engineered in our Centers of Excellence. At Keystone we believe that this predictability comes through from the DNA. It's the way you are built to operate and the value system that governs the organization that determines if it can deliver results 'predictably'.

While all our Centers of Excellence, are tuned to deliver Technical excellence to the various industry segments, there is one fundamental ever-ongoing research, in the area of 'Engineering Predictability'. We build this predictability in other areas, Technology & Management by ensuring we adhere to the 2-S philosophy

  • Simplicity: We believe in devising simple solutions to complex problems. We constantly challenge ourselves at every stage, asking ourselves if this is the simplest way in which a problem can be solved.

  • Sincerity: We are passionate in building software & we love technology. It's this passion to deliver good solutions, often gives us the strength to say no to compromised solutions.

At Keystone every single customer has immensely benefited from our ability to provide this predictability. We do this by engaging with our customers to understand what's important to them, and then let our COE's to devise a way in which, these elements form the backdrop on which project delivery takes place.

Predictability is perhaps one of the most difficult things to evaluate when it comes to finding an IT Partner. Whether you will get your share of innovation, your threshold of quality, on-time delivery, 'consistently over time' is perhaps a question that every customer is grappling with.