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Keystone offers organizations in the Healthcare sector a wide range of services, including application development and maintenance, infrastructure management, Mobility enablement of applications that takes healthcare information closer to the point of care. Keystone combines its technology expertise with knowledge of the healthcare industry and standards like HIPPA and DICOM to make its solutions effective and compliant to statutory laws.

Keystone Mobility and Analytics solutions are aimed to transform the hospital as a pervasive computing environment enabling access to relevant medical information, through a variety of heterogeneous devices, and enable collaboration taking into account, contextual information.

  • Ubiquitous access to medical services and information: Enabling access to information through smart phones and tablet PC, where hospital workers can access medical records, laboratory results, and other hospital services during their daily work.

  • Awareness of the location of users and devices: Time is of the essence, in emergency situations; we build solutions on smart phones, which monitors the location of hospital staff. This information is displayed in a floor map viewed on phones.

  • Context-aware communication & access to relevant medical information: These solutions enable a physician to send messages that will be delivered to the doctor responsible for a patient in the next shift when the laboratory results are ready. These solutions are built on Tablet PC's with 3G capability that ensure that time is not wasted when the doctor attends on the patient, and information not being available 'at the point of need'.

  • Context adaptation and personalization: Contextual information is also taken into account to adapt and personalize the presentation of information to the user.

  • Information transfer between heterogeneous device: These Solutions enable knowledge transfer, by allowing the hospital staff to transfer information from public spaces to personal devices enabling reference for future use of for the purpose of discussion with his colleagues or for educational purposes. The solutions have several built in checks that are carried out before data is transferred to personal or public space.

Mobile technologies hold great promise for keeping people healthy, managing diseases, and lowering healthcare costs. For years, telehealth has provided clinical services for individuals who lacked physical access. Now Mobile devices, can enable health and wellness to be delivered through mass personalization.