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Keystone provides ERP, SCM and CRM solutions, providing clients with a single view of the enterprise and customer, and enabling smarter decisions around supply chain, our solutions are typically aimed at increasing manufacturing throughput, reducing operating cost and inventory.

Keystone also offers specialized Mobility Solutions to existing ERP, SCM and CRM solutions that allows information at the point of need, thereby improving decision making on critical 'buy', 'sell' and 'order booking'. Some of our specialized solutions for the manufacturing segment include

  • Mobilizing Field Service Management: Keystone provides solutions, for field staff engaged in service and after sales, providing time management and information for the job they need to carry out, including access to experts for advice, access to commit on turnaround time with access to inventory etc. These solutions enable field staff perform their jobs better to influence both customer retention and new business opportunities.

  • Mobilizing Asset Management: In large organizations, plants and assets are highly distributed but access to maintenance data has historically been centralized. Our Mobility solutions on Tablet PC and smart phones, completely does away with paper documents that are carried to the field where the work is performed, and carried back to the office where actions taken are entered into the system. These solutions prevent maintenance delays that can occur when the technician must request parts from inventory, enter additional service requests, or locate supporting technical information.

  • Mobilizing Field Sales: Although large investment has gone into sales force automation (SFA) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems user adoption is still challenging and limited. This results in inaccurate data when information is entered in batch mode than in real-time. Our solutions extend, existing SFA and CRM functionality to accessible, easy-to-use wireless devices thereby putting these high value systems into the hands of mobile workers where and when they need them most, dramatically increasing user adoption rates and driving real-time decisions.

  • Mobilizing Shop Floor Management: Integration of smartphone applications and Tablet PC applications, with existing wireless-enabled radio frequency data-capture used widely for identifying, tracking and monitoring almost everything that moves within a manufacturing environment, enables decision making in real time.

Keystone solutions for Manufacturing align with the 'challenge for manufacturers today' , in using IT to automate quality management so quality can be achieved at the most costeffective price point, by enabling information at the point of need.