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Mobility Solutions

Building business applications for using Mobility Technologies is one of our key strengths. This aligns with our customer commitment to enhance throughput for business. Mobility opens up a whole new customer base that now transact business over the phone and Tablet PC, from places, which was unimaginable before. This opens up new challenges both Technical & Business, to be addressed in designing and developing such solutions. Our Centers of Excellence ensure that our expertise spans Network and phone Protocols, Middleware, UI to ensure that we are experts across the entire stack.

The mobile industry is growing exponentially, in terms of innovation and user expectation. Today's users expect their mobile applications to be flexible, reliable, and secure. Delivering such applications of high standards is our core competency.

Our development and design teams carry expertise across all mobility Platforms and focus on building best of breed practices in terms of solution accelerators and cross platform development frameworks. Over the years this group has built proven expertise of working with different handsets and platforms including iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, J2ME, Windows Mobile, Android. Our expertise also spans protocols such as SIP, RTP, RTSP, VoIP, SMPP, XMPP, SyncMI and Convergence.

To design great mobile experiences , the 'design of user experience' must ensure being useful, usable, and desirable and that into account the five dimensions of the mobile context: location, locomotion, immediacy, intimacy, and device. User experience design is the differentiator. Great mobile apps are the result.