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Performance Engineering

At Keystone, we don't call it Testing, we call it Performance Engineering. This practice encompasses all activities that ensure that application is 'fit for purpose', and activities that ensure that the application is made fit for purpose. The focus of this practice is to ensure that our customers are getting the most from the investment already made. So we explore ways to stretch the applications at the back end to the limits. This practice specializes in 3 broad areas a) Testing to derive metrics to baseline performance b) Profiling to understand bottlenecks c) debottlenecking. These 3 activities are performed in a cyclic manner with each iteration critically measuring response time, resource utilization and Throughput. Some of the types of testing we perform are listed below.

  • Web Application Testing - This is a comprehensive testing program for all web Applications. The elements of this program comprise of Functionality Testing, Usability testing, Interface testing, Compatibility testing, Performance testing. The Tools used in the testing of web Applications include JMeter, HTTP Test Tool, Quick Test Professional (QTP), Load runner, Rational and SILK Test, SILK Performer.

  • Legacy Application Testing - refers to testing distributed applications in a distributed heterogeneous environment. This could consist of systems written in C / C++, Java, COBOL, deployed on RS6000, Solaris or Windows environment. Keystone specializes in Automating complex test scenarios where one client request spawns multiple transactions across servers deployed on heterogeneous environments.

  • Mobile Application Testing - Keystone specializes in testing applications for a wide range of mobile platforms, some of our specializations include using Robotium for Android, Blackberry Applications with QTP, iPhone Application testing with eggplant.

  • SOA Testing - Mature enterprise SOA deployments have realized that they have to look at SOA Testing more comprehensively and deploy specialized SOA Testing tools that are natively integrated with their existing QA/Testing infrastructure. Keystone specializes in Testing SOA deployments to ensure that they are truly interoperable as defined in the service catalog.

  • Cloud Testing - Keystone specializes in The Cloud Performance Management Solutions includes Load and Stress Testing, Cloud Load Testing from actual end users, Web Load Testing using Synthetic Load Generators, Cross Browser Testing, Bandwidth Testing and Optimization, Performance Tuning and Optimization, 24◊7 Monitoring from Cloud, SLA Monitoring.

  • Test Automation Frameworks - Keystone specializes in building Regression frameworks using tools like Selenium and TCK/TK. Our existing frameworks have helped product companies, reduce their time to market, by bringing in automation and demonstrating a reduction in cost of testing the product in about 18-24 months. We take on your existing testing real estate, and commit our selves to bring down cost of testing through automation and the use of products from the open source world, and bring down 'time-to-test' by over 50%.

While we donít argue that quality is not vital to software delivery, we enable organizations take a more strategic rather than a tactical approach. Testing, in all of its parts, ensures that an application works; however, if an application doesn't improve or elevate the business' ability to execute, is it truly a successful application?