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Retail & Distribution

Our solutions combine analytical tools and automation capabilities, and help client organizations meet challenges across the retail value chain. Some of the solutions we offer are in the areas outlined below

  • E-commerce and multichannel: Our mobility based solutions enable growth in Multichannel that allow retailers to upgrade e-commerce platforms, multichannel infrastructures and application strategies that deliver a seamless cross-channel shopping experience across touch points.

  • Customer experience: Our solutions help customers turn the current retail model on its head by redefining and customizing the way in which they engage with retailers. We enable Shoppers take greater control of the shopping experience by embracing social networks and virtual communities to access information that influences their purchasing decisions.

  • Store operations: Our Mobility and Analytics driven solutions are aligned to Investments decisions in the store channel and target the basics of stock availability; good service delivery at all points in the shopping process, thereby enabling secure, hassle-free transactions at the point of sale.

  • CRM and loyalty: Customer-centric retailing practices remain a hot topic with large retailers that are constantly seeking new ways to use the power of analytics to grow their businesses. Keystone specializes in solutions centered around creating optimal offers to send to targeted customers, using predictive and context aware analytics.

  • Business intelligence (BI) and analytics: Our solutions in the BI and analytics space have evolved to be an important value based service for the retail. We help retailers evolve their BI capabilities from the "basics" to advanced areas of BI and analytics. We offer consulting to implementation services in this area using tools and technologies from a wide spectrum, which suits each retailer.

  • Merchandising: We offer services focused on moving to packaged software for all areas of merchandising, and, on planning and adding optimization into existing merchandising processes.
Retail & Distribution

Retail and consumer goods firms face exciting opportunities to deploy mobile apps to fix their age-old problems with shelf availability and to empower their field employees to transcend their operational and transactional roles, becoming trusted advisors to consumers undertaking demanding trip missions.