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Mobility Solutions Building business applications for using Mobility Technologies is one of our key strengths. This aligns with our customer commitment to enhance throughput for business. Mobility opens up a whole new customer base that now transact business over the phone and Tablet PC, from places, which was unimaginable before. This opens up new challenges both Technical & Business, to be addressed in designing and developing such solutions. Our Centers of Excellence ensure that our expertise spans Network and phone Protocols, Middleware, UI to ensure that we are experts across the entire stack.

Performance Engineering At Keystone, we don't call it Testing, we call it Performance Engineering. This practice encompasses all activities that ensure that application is 'fit for purpose', and activities that ensure that the application is made fit for purpose. The focus of this practice is to ensure that our customers are getting the most from the investment already made. So we explore ways to stretch the applications at the back end to the limits.

Integration & Messaging Executing SOI projects that enables the analysis of existing assets for service decomposition and then building the bridges between the old world and the new world, is one of our key strengths. Acknowledging Heterogeneity as reality, our next step is to enable virtualization..

Business Analytics Keystone specializes in delivering 'Next Generation' Analytics, achieved by increasing the compute capabilities of devices that include Tablet PC, Servers, Desktops and mobile devices along with improving connectivity using advanced mobile & wireless technologies, enabling a shift in the manner in which businesses', support operational decisions.

Technology must serve a business need. Keystone, with the sole purpose of holding business and technology together, thereby fulfilling a promise to your customer.