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User Experience 3.0

SPEED: We deliver our projects fast, and often ahead of schedule as our Technical Teams focus on several best practices of smart project development like reusable components, use of solution accelerators, focus on building customer specific frameworks and automation through the testing phase.

QUALITY: All of our projects adopt a Test Driven Development methodology, at the inception our team spends time on critical issues like testability of the system, test strategy aligned to metrics, and interweaving non-functional requirements with every major release of the system. We believe in investing time in building a test harness to perform regression, and we have a team dedicated to churn out regression test cases that run incessantly through the life of the project.

INNOVATION: Driven by the constant challenge by the COE to determine if the path being followed, the technology being used, the methodology to do the project results in the simplest way to address a need. Unearthing a simple solution to a complex problem requires people of the highest caliber, and this is perhaps where the innovation starts, with the right people on the project team, selected carefully by the centers of excellence.

We ask our customers to measure us across every milestone of the project on the 3 parameters, Speed, Quality and innovation.

At Keystone we believe in giving our customers the next generation user experience in working with us. Our Project delivery is characterized by...
a) Speed   b) Quality   c) Innovation